[Unlocked] Social Research Every Participant

[Unlocked] Social Research Every Participant

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“The definition of ethical one would say is related to moral principles. Moral could be defined as the principals of right or wrong” (Babbie, 2016, p.62). While conducting research it would behoove one to use ethics and moral. Research of something could mean to look for deeper meaning or to understand something better. Common practices in conducting social research includes voluntary participation, no harm to the participants, anonymity and confidentiality, deception, analysis and reporting, institutional review boards and professional code of ethics. All of these common practices have been agreed upon within the social science research community.

               Social research takes these steps to keep themselves in a moral/ethical range to protect the participants. Unlike medical research participant health could be put in danger but similar to social research every participant must volunteer to participate. “The National Research Act was created for this very reason to monitor compliance with ethics in research that involved human subjects” (Babbie, 2016, p.64). Social research can be very dynamic and cause different outcomes in different people so the ethics/moral code behind it all is very important.


Babbie, E. (2016). The practice of social research (14th ed.). Cengage Learning

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