[Unlocked] New Riders Ptg Publication

[Unlocked] New Riders Ptg Publication

 Create an app called MyFinances. Refer to instructions in the textbook – p. 86. Deliverables for this Project:

  1. Copy of your code for your final/completed project – please submit either a Word doc or screenshot (10 pts.)
  2. One screenshot that shows the basic design of your MyFinances app. – must allow storing of three (3) financial objects: CDs, Loans, and Checking accounts (30 pts.)
  3. At least one additional (different) screenshot that shows a transaction view – a selection and input into each of these financial objects – I want to verify that your app works correctly (30 pts.)
  4. Comment(s) stating what I should be aware when evaluating your deliverables (OPTIONAL)

Cover page not required

Book info:


Title: Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

ISBN: 9781943153909

Authors: Jakob Iversen and Michael Eierman

Publisher: New Riders PTG

Publication Date: 2021

Edition: 3 ED.

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