[Unlocked] Applied Case Study “

[Unlocked] Applied Case Study “

Using your study of chapters 11 and 12 of Modern systems analysis and design and class discussions, review the applied case study “Petrie Electronics” as shown on page 435. Answer the following questions with details and propose clear solutions in 2-3 APA-formatted pages:

Visit the Nielsen Website and update PE Figure 12-1 based on guidelines and articles posted since this list was compiled. Add only elements you believe are essential and relevant to the design of “No Customer Escapes.”

How unique do you consider the human interface design guidelines for a Website to be from general application design guidelines? Justify your answer.

Search for other Web-based resources, besides the Nielsen Website, for Website design. (Hint: Look at the references at the end of this and prior chapters.) In what ways do the design guidelines you find contradict your previous answer? Explain the differences.

This chapter introduced the concepts of loyalty and trustworthiness as necessary for customers to interact with a Website. What elements could be added to a customer loyalty site such as “No Customer Escapes” to improve the levels of loyalty and trustworthiness of Petrie’s customers?

Valacich, J. S., & George, J. F. (2019). Modern systems analysis and design (9th ed.). Pearson. Print ISBN: 978-0135172759 eText ISBN: 978-0135172841

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