[Unlocked] 10 Million Americans Experience

[Unlocked] 10 Million Americans Experience

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one thing I neglected to mention last week about the qualitative RQ–my comments about the purpose are copied below for reference but you’ll also want to align your RQ to have language similar to your purpose. A word like “contribute” is more suggestive of quantitative work. Regarding your quantitative RQ, it is my understanding that many studies have looked at the connection between mental health and domestic violence. Have you considered what those articles suggest as logical next steps in this line of work? To be a viable dissertation topic, you will need to find a novel angle to explore, whether from a quantitative or qualitative perspective.


Program of Study: Forensic Psychology. 

Social Problem: Domestic violence is a critical issue in the United States. Research indicates that over 10 million Americans experience domestic violence every year (Huecker et al., 2022). Domestic violence includes psychological, emotional, sexual, physical, and economic abuse of adults, children, or elders. Several factors, including some forms of mental health illnesses such as depression and Schizophrenia, contribute to domestic violence. 

Quantitative Research Problem: The scholarly community does not know the extent to which mental health illnesses contribute to domestic violence 

Quantitative Research Purpose:  The purpose of this quantitative study is to determine the extent to which mental health illnesses contribute to domestic violence. 

Quantitative Research Question: To what extent is mental illness a contributing factor to domestic violence? 

Theory or Conceptual Framework: Exosystem Factor Theory. According to this theory, life stressors or life events can serve as predictors of domestic violence (Hyde-Nolan & Juliao, 2012). However, life stressors result in domestic violence when other specific factors exist. These include social isolation, low marital satisfaction, and most importantly, mental health illness. This theory will provide a phenomenon for understanding the above-mentioned social problem and interpreting research results. 

Qualitative Research Problem:  According to Voth & Edmond (2018), Some mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia can affect ones thinking and can bring hallucination which can then affect their actions leading to violence.  

Qualitative Research Purpose: The purpose of this qualitative study is to explore how mental health illnesses contribute to domestic violence. 

Qualitative Research Question: How does mental health illness contributes to domestic violence? 

Theory or Conceptual Framework: Same as quantitative 

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