• WISEWOMAN      (located under Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention)

Summary: Briefly summarize the public health program, community, and stakeholders that you identified in Milestone One.

 Stages of Development: At what stage of development has the public health issue progressed to within the community? Discuss briefly.

 Evaluation Standards: Answer these questions for your evaluation, using the CDC Framework evaluation standards:

o Specificity: What is the purpose of the evaluation?

o Utility: Who is the evaluation for?

o Feasibility: What are the time and resources available to do the evaluation?

 Evaluation Questions: Specify 3–5 evaluation questions that will be the focus of your program evaluation plan.

 Challenges: Identify and discuss the challenges that you are likely to encounter in this evaluation and how you might overcome these in the following


o Prioritizing stakeholder needs.

o Stage of development of the program.

o Resources and constraints for the evaluation.

Submission- 2 to 3 paragraphs, APA format 

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