National Business systems.. Estonia Powerpoint ( Country Risk+overview+recommendations)


Need someone to do a Powerpoint ( 7 to 8 slides) for Estonia.

Basically the idea is : you have to provide info to US Business delegates and companies if they should invest in estonia or not.

It should cover the following

1. introduction about estonia

2. Political ( Risk as well as opportunities)

3. Economic Activity ( of estonia)

4.Business Environment ( Of estonia)

5. Conclusions + Recommendations for future if US companies should invest or not in estonia

You can find information about estonia from various sources like EBSCOHOST, or businessmonitorindex or through various sources online.

Please send me the links from where you got the sources as well, as i will have to present it in class, and i'll go through the links to talk about , so i can prepare for the presentation by looking at the powerpoint.

I am attaching a presentation i did on Poland in the attachments, the similar way. for the same class. You can see how it is done just for reference.

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