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[Unlocked] Compare Task Groups Versus

[Unlocked] Compare Task Groups Versus   Compare task groups versus educational, support, or skills groups. Describe a type of treatment group you would facilitate as a social worker. Explain what professional role you may take when facilitating this group. Describe what is meant by group norms, and explain how you would help shape these norms […]

[Unlocked] Related Chapter

[Unlocked] Related Chapter   Your original discussion should answer the following questions and thoroughly discuss your work on the questionnaire(s) you selected. The discussion must be between 150 to 200 words. This should be a discussion in narrative format, not a list copying these instructions! Your score on the questionnaire or results, if applicable. If […]

[Unlocked] Autonomy Vs Connection Predictability

[Unlocked] Autonomy Vs Connection Predictability Your task: Review all links.  Write your Reflection (5 points) on ALL 3 topics listed below. Your reflection should be equivalent to a 2-3-pages, single–spaced (9-10 paragraphs with a minimum of 150 words per paragraph) – it is OK to write more. Reflect on ALL 3 topics 1. John Gottman  Considering […]

[Unlocked] Crisis Would Use Creative

[Unlocked] Crisis Would Use Creative  Marriage and the Family  Create a PowerPoint Presentation in no less than 6 slides to show how family/families in crisis would use creative means to develop resiliency. Include a creative background – color, style, etc. Include graphics/pictures Add text to graphics/pictures – brief narratives (no more than 4 sentences for each slide) Include references […]

[Unlocked] Mother Die Giving Birth

[Unlocked] Mother Die Giving Birth  Cemeteries are full of history.  Have you ever taken a stroll through a cemetery?  If you have, you would see the headstones all tell a story.  They may or may not offer us a name, a birthdate, a death date, an inscription, something indicating their career, and even relationships.  For […]

[Unlocked] Three Treatment Outcome Models

[Unlocked] Three Treatment Outcome Models  In 500-750 words: Briefly describe each of the three treatment outcome models: recidivism, relapse, and harm-reduction. Compare (similarities and differences) the three treatment outcome models in terms of relevance in defining treatment success and/or failure with specific forensic populations, challenges in application, and advantages of each model. Explain at least […]

[Unlocked] 300 Word Minimum Post

[Unlocked] 300 Word Minimum Post 300 word minimum Post a brief summary of the research article you selected, including an identification of the treatment outcome model used in the study. Then explain how the study might have been affected and how the outcomes might have changed if one of the other treatment outcome models had been […]

[Unlocked] Battling Bad Scienceplease Give

[Unlocked] Battling Bad Scienceplease Give  Watch the following video that includes some discussion on pseudoscience and lack of credibility in sources:Battling Bad SciencePlease give your response to the following:  Give an example of a time in your life when you have encountered a questionable scientific claim.  What made you question the claim?  What did you do to further investigate the […]

[Unlocked] Applying Team Management Concepts

[Unlocked] Applying Team Management Concepts   For this Week Case Study, you will find an article about why teams are important. Upon thorough review of the article, you will then answer the four questions below referencing what you discovered in the article.  It is not sufficient to state your opinions alone; you must be able […]

[Unlocked] Pune Though Hr Certifications

[Unlocked] Pune Though Hr Certifications   The answer to this question depends on your individual situation and goals. In most cases, HR certifications can be a great way to advance your career and expand your knowledge. If you have the time and resources to invest in a certification program, it can be beneficial to your […]